Gespix Privacy Policy - Signed With Google

Gespix is ​​a "heavy client" application:

- A database is installed on your server, it is secure.

- On each of your workstations, the "client" application is installed. It connects to the base, in a secure way.

So no data leaves your local network.

We do not move any of your data outside of your local network.

Mail: Signed with google

Our integrated email module allows you to send your photos and documents by email, directly from Gespix.

If you use a GMAIL email, you can "sign it with Google".

We will use the key provided by Google to send your emails. This key is stored securely in your database, in this case we do not know your password.

You can revoke this key directly from your Gmail account: Gespix will no longer be able to send email from your gmail account.

We store the emails you send securely in your own database (they are visible in the list of emails).

We do not access any other information related to Gmail, nor store anything.

You can contact us for more information, Damien.


Google API Disclosure

You can find détails in this link Google API Disclosure.